Love & other drugs

Vignettes chronicling experiences in both research and love.

Gate E13

Airports are intriguing and energizing places. I fall in like with the way people hustle to their gates, and always create stories about where and why they are traveling to certain destinations.

Mostly though, I have always fantasized about meeting my soulmate at an airport.

Really though, it is an absolutely perfect place to meet a decent man; It actually may be a one of a few destinations left on this planet where a single girl can meet an actually decent, financially stable, and single male. Think about it. I guess it depends on the airport, but a lot of larger airports (especially Philly, Atlanta, Charlotte, and LaGuardia), are just teeming with sexy business men.

If you are flying during the AM on a weekday, you are most likely to encounter some suits. They are dressed in Nordstrom suits and platinum watches, carry black leather breif-cases,  and are finishing business proposals during layover downtime.

If you are lucky enough to sit next to a suit on the plane (as opposed to an overweight, middle-aged male who reeks of cheese puffs and has oil splotches on his t-shirt.), then you have an hour+ to fall in love and realize that this perfect man is a potential suitor. And fortunately, you can shamelessly flirt without worrying that you will ever have to run into him again.

Maybe you are departing, but airports also bring arrivals.



Hello there,

This blog will share the interesting occurrences in my lab life, as well as my love life.

As a soon-to-be-graduating senior, I am devoting a lot of time to research-paticularly within the field of behavioral neuropharmacology.

My love right now basically has to be my research, considering I will be starting my thesis in a monthish, and then applying to doctorate programs.

Even though I spend numerous hours in the lab, I do manage to have a seemingly balanced life, and have an rather peculiar (maybe slightly pathetic) love life.

Luckily, the lab is an ideal place to become invisible and avoid unwanted encounters around campus; It’s definitely my safe haven.

Curious about the name behind this blog? I am a firm believer that love (or at least the idea of love) can be as addictive as many drugs. Love is a vice and a virtue. Toxic, yet euphoric. Dangerous in lethal doses, yet alleviates pain in moderation.

I have to wonder if Ke$ha was onto something in “Your love is my drug.”




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